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#GradBoost To Host #CyberBoost Twitter Clinic In Support of AntiBullying Week 2013

Posted by PR's ME Web Administrator on Monday, November 18, 2013

: #CyberBoost

WHAT: #CyberBoost is taking over the recently launched weekly Twitter E-Clinic #GradBoost this week in support of National Anti-Bullying Week 2013. Youth, social media and cyber-bully ninja Wayne Denner and Kirsty McQuoid founder of Fillinmyform, the writing service provider which manages professional reputation both online and on paper will host #CyberBoost. This E-Clinic will provide tips and advice as well as answer questions on the important subjects of #OnlineReputationMangement and #OnlineSafety

WHEN: Tuesday 8.30pm GMT

WHERE: Twitter, use the hashtag #CyberBoost to follow, contribute and post questions

WHY: Online reputation management and online safety matter. These are important key areas of work for both Wayne Denner and Kirsty McQuoid and they want to share their tips and advice, create an online conversation and answer questions on these important issues. Plus it's National Anti-Bullying Week 2013! 

#CyberBoost,  it's free, fun and a learning experience! 

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