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'The Black Tweet' - David Cameron Isn't The Only One To Lead With A Woolly 'Black Sheep' Tweet

Posted by Kirsty McQuoid on Monday, July 15, 2013,

Given the fact I have some great examples, I thought I would bring attention to the 'funny' trend on Twitter which evidently is not #trending on Twitter. This trend I am coining as 'The Black Tweet', there are other names used I'm sure and please do enlighten me with yours, but for now I am tagging 'The Black Tweet' to any tweet that unwittingly cites a parody Twitter account, shares a broken link, send tweeps off on a mission impossible, reading an article only subscribers can access, or las...

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NI PR industry blogger names our agency as a best practice PR agency & features our case study as a 'good' PR campaign

Posted by Kirsty McQuoid on Friday, July 12, 2013,
Article by NI PR industry Blogger A cup of Lee


“There are 2 rules for success:

  1. Never reveal everything you know”

When starting this blog, it was hoped that there would be numerous good examples of PR campaigns/stunts, case studies of best practice and insights into the local industry that could be shared with practitioners and students alike.

In reality, such examples have proved hard to find. Not because examples of PR at its finest ar...

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