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NI PR industry blogger names our agency as a best practice PR agency & features our case study as a 'good' PR campaign

Posted by Kirsty McQuoid on Friday, July 12, 2013
Article by NI PR industry Blogger A cup of Lee


“There are 2 rules for success:

  1. Never reveal everything you know”

When starting this blog, it was hoped that there would be numerous good examples of PR campaigns/stunts, case studies of best practice and insights into the local industry that could be shared with practitioners and students alike.

In reality, such examples have proved hard to find. Not because examples of PR at its finest are missing from Northern Ireland, but because despite most organisations being willing to share their good news and success, they don’t seem as keen to share their actual outcomes and how they achieved them.

I didn’t realise I worked for MI5

PR skills and tactics are not a secret. Yes, sometimes people will do things the rest of us hadn’t thought of, but this kind of unusual normally rears its head in the areas of creativity or timeliness. For such things there are no hard and fast rules, what works for one client, may not work for someone else, or for anyone else ever again for that matter.

Thankfully there are some agencies and professionals locally who don’t feel threatened by sharing and who also see the importance of sharing, and not just when pitching in boardrooms. Dokoo Digital and PRs-ME being two great examples.

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